First, please check the gear icon on the lower right side of the player.  This will have a setting to change the quality which can be automatically lower if you have a poor connection.  Select '1080p' to view the content in High Quality.

Additionally, playback issues can be affected by browser updates/system updates on a user's computer extensions/add-ons in the browser and connection related issues.

Please provide us with the below information to our support team:

-Email used for the account.
-Link/URL to the page youare having playback issues.
-Computer OS Version.
-Browser Type.
-Browser Version.
-Steps to reproduce the problem.
-Any screenshots/video recordings that depict the problem.

-Can you reproduce the problem using another browser? (for example Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari?)

-Try another device + network? (For example, a friends computer using their internet connection, or a cellular device not connected to your home internet)

This will help our team investigate further.